All over the place in Tenerife

All over the place in Tenerife

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Canary Islands are our favorite destinations, not only because it is cheaper to travel to. However, Spanish culture, people, food and different nature in every of the islands is also something that drags us to come back there every year. This time in Tenerife.

I have decided to write a post about our last trip in July, however, the aim of this post is not to draw any guidelines for those travelling to Tenerife, as there are tons of info on other sites, but to talk about our style of travelling and share our moments from the trip.

Our style of travelling

I would like to review our style of travelling including where we stay, eat and what we do aspects. I believe that it could assists to better understanding and imagination of our captured moments and its circumstances in Tenerife.

No matter where we travel to, we always stay in the apartment that includes more than one room and has kitchen in it. One of the reasons for that is our bad experience in accordance to the hotels, as I think that most of the hotels are not suitable when travelling with kids, because of the small space and possible noisy neighbors, e.g. people from England, known for their partying skills. Moreover, we are typically staying in the apartment that are separated from each other, thus, has more privacy.

We prefer to stay in the places, where most of the guests are local or Spanish people coming from the continent. Local people are typically treated better than foreign. We are not one of them, however staying in a hotel with most of them, definitely, affects not only the way we are treated, but also the services and prices.

The other of the aspects is food. Since we prefer active traveling and seeing as much as possible, so we are not spending much of the time in the apartment. We are there only in the morning and late evening, thus, there is no point ordering all inclusive food when we could manage only the breakfast.

Our moments from Tenerife

This time we had stayed in a hotel “Apartamentos Playa del ros roques” that is built on the cliffs and has a wonderful view. The apartments are very spacious, has living and sleeping rooms, kitchen and a big terrace. It does not feel like you are one of the many guest stayed in this apartment, you feel like at home. Cleaning and all of the services are worth of 10 score.


We have been shopping in Mercadona, and it was me preparing the food. Restaurants making local sea food and local meals were also the places of our interest.


Since we had rented a car, an opportunity to see all of the island or at least all possible serpentine was open for us every day. The islands offers a variety amplitude of nature and many hiking possibilities suitable also to the families with kids. It was our main activities in the island.

Tenerife Tenerife Tenerife


Moreover, we are not only serpentine-obsessed, but also obsessed with the hidden  beaches. We search for a hidden spots everywhere we travel. Tenerife has a lot to offer in accordance to it, however, most of the beaches are difficult to reach, because of the big cliffs, are full of stones or have black sand. As it is hot in the summer, it becomes impossible to step on them, thus, we found more fun staying in a beach full of stones as it provides with more building activities and more privacy.

We had also been on a hunt for a golden beach and we succeeded, however, that day it was so windy as we had sand in all possible places of our body and could not enjoy the beach and the view.



We are not a big fans of a zoo or water parks when we travel abroad. As nature itself is different from home and offers a lot of opportunities. Moreover, most of the parks are very priced. Despite that, we had visited Loro park and enjoyed the day there.

In 10 days we had managed to see almost all of the island. Despite that, if we are coming back there sometime in the future, we would definitely discover new thing and places. Moreover, I believe that it is not the country that we are travelling that matters, but to whom we are travelling with, positive mood and determination to explore and see new things.