Polymer clay donut/doughnut paper clips

Polymer clay donut/doughnut paper clips

One more clay project? Yes, that is right 😊 This time donuts that look good enough to eat 😊

Thus, you can use polymer clay doughnut paper clips on planners, diaries, as a bookmark, in a cookbook or to hold together those important things.

Moreover, they would be great paired with a book as a gift for someone who loves to read!


  • 3-5 different colors of polymer clay
  • Hobby knife
  • Clay tools or a wooden stick
  • 2 Paper clips
  • Roller


Step 1. Take two small pieces of a clay and roll them out into balls.

Step 2. Roll the clay balls into a form of a doughnut.

Step 3. Place paper clips into a doughnut formed clay.

Step 4. Take two-three colors of your choice of a clay and make three small stripes.

Step 5. Cut each of the stripes into small pieces and place it on one of the donuts.

Step 6. Make one more long clay stripe and place it on another doughnut.

Step 7. Use a clay tool or a wooden stick to make small holes in each of the doughnuts.