DIY heartstrings art

DIY heartstrings art

This time DIY  heartstrings project is pretty easy and fun to make. You do not have to be a super creative person. The only thing you need is to follow the instructions. Most of important it cost zero or as minimal as possible, does not take much of the time to make it and definitely brightens up your home with a unique minimalist handmade wall art.

Heart typically associate with a red color and Valentines day, however, I have chosen my favorite color of all times that is universal in all seasons and occasions.

heartstrings art




Step 1. Print a pattern

Print your string art pattern and cut it off.

Step 2. Draw a heart

Place your heart on a piece of wood and draw a heart.

heartstrings art

Step 3. Add the nails

Time to get the hammer out. Nail around the entire outline of the heart. I spaced my nails about an inch apart. The nails should all be the same height.

heartstrings art

Step 4. Define your pattern with string

Now is a fun part. Get your string and tie a knot around the head of your first nail in the bottom. Then, wrap the string around each set of two nails two times until you complete the circle.

heartstrings art

Step 5. Criss-cross the string

Wrap back and forth to fill the interior of the heart. There is no particular order for this.

heartstrings art

Step 6. Tie a final knot

Use your scissors to carefully cut the excess string and tie a final knot on the nail in a bottom.

heartstrings art

It is a beautiful DIY heartstrings art for your home decor or an original homemade gift.

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