5 ways to get kids to eat lunch box

5 ways to get kids to eat lunch box

Does your kid keeps coming back from school or kindergarten with untouched or less than half eaten lunch box? Than I can understand your frustration. Therefore, I hope that these tips would help you finding out the reason and solution for having this issue and finally getting your kid to eat lunch box.

1. Mix food up.

Kids don’t like to eat the same things everyday. Although we, parents, might easily get used to that, as this pattern doesn’t require a lot of the time of thinking and preparation. On the other hand, it is much more challenging to mix food up. However, you don’t necessary have to spend hours making cucumber stars. Your kid would rather appreciate the variety of food in his lunch box. Instead of offering him cucumber, put cherry tomatoes or instead of egg sandwich, offer the one with cheese or meat topping; put leftover dinner to his lunch box (if the consistency is not liquid or runny).

Despite that, some of you would argue about mixing the food up. You would probably say that my kid’s range of food that he eats is very limited, which means that he won’t eat mixed food. However, there are many options, alternatives and forms of food to choose from. From my experience having a picky eater at home, I manage to find the alternative things that he likes and prepare his lunch box with a variety of food. As an example could be veggies, that he doesn’t eat. Despite that, I managed to “hide” veggies in the food, e.g. by making veggie-fruit-based pancakes, or hiding shredded veggies in his sandwiches or wraps.

Finally, with a little bit of practice mixing food up, it will not be that challenging as at the beginning, contrary, very easy to prepare. You will be surprised at what you can find out. Thus, change the main dish everyday, provide with variety of fruits, vegetables, toppings for the sandwiches and get creative with the options. Planing kids weekly lunch box menu would be also very helpful to save some time and be less stressed thinking about the content.

2. Put the food that he likes.

I believe that most of us, parents, would have our dream come true if our kids would eat all the veggies and food that they are given. It would save our time and decrease the level of stress to the minimum of having healthy kids. However, the reality is different. If your kid is one of those who manage to eat half or less of their lunch box, so he probably ends up being hungry and angry at the end of the day. One of the reasons is that he doesn’t like the food in his box. Therefore, the main point of this suggestion is that you should not include the food that your kid has never tried before or the one that he never eats.

3. Make finger friendly, not runny or sticky food.

The first step to make the content finger-friendly, is a lunch box having several compartments. It provides with opportunity to make a real snack box including variety colors and shapes of food, keeping it small and easy to handle. In addition, you may prepare mini pizzas or cut sandwiches into quarters to make them easier to manage. Using less rather than more sandwich filling also assists to avoid runny food situations that rejects kids from eating it. Moreover, going for small fruits and food such as strawberries, blueberries, apricots, crackers etc. or cutting larger fruits such as oranges and watermelon into pieces that your kid can eat easily and quickly. Shortly speaking, make food manageable and easy to eat.

4. Easy to open lunch box.

It might sound silly, however, because of the attributes lunch box having, the way it is produced or putting to much of food in the lunch box can cause difficulties to open that, therefore, your kid might not be eating the food at all. Suggestion for this issue is to practice with your kid opening it and it’s containers, before launching it to the school or kindergarten.

My top lunch boxes:

5. Involve kid into process.

All kids love when they are given a chance to choose from. Food is not an exception. Continuously, this increases the chances of your kid eating his lunch box. My suggestion would be to give him 2 or 3 options of food to choose from, e.g. offering 2 fruits or sandwiches toppings to pick from. In addition, you may also include your kid into assembling and packing processes. Finally, having a little bit of control preparing and packing the food boost kid’s self-confidence which also increases possibility that food will be eaten.

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