DIY natural home scent

DIY natural home scent

I just love to have a nice smell in the house. Consequently, diffuses, scented candles and other scenting products are used to be all around the house. Certainly, a nice smell in the house makes me less stressed and more relaxed. However, these commercial products are made of harmful chemicals, which is not the best idea to use when having a kid and being pregnant. Moreover, my husband hates it, cause he goes for everything that is natural.

Then I found out that there are many other natural ways to make my house smell amazing – DIY natural home scents. Further, I was surprised that most of the things used to make natural home scents we have already in the house.

Therefore, I would like to share one of my favorite smell not only to refresh home naturally, but and as an impressive way to decorate home, especially in autumn and winter seasons. Finally, it could be a nice and original Christmas gift for a family and friends.

DIY natural home scent

You should try this. I am sure you would love this smell! 🙂


DIY natural home scentDIY natural home scent


Step 1. Cut the orange into slices and place them in a pot.

Step 2. Add cinnamon sticks and anise and/or ground cloves.

Step 3. Fill a pot with water and boil it.

Step 4. Once mixture begins to boil, reduce the heat and simmer it.

Step 5. Shimmer the mixture as long as you want to have a nice smell in the house, however, check a pot and add water if necessary.

DIY natural home scent

Even more possibilities

  • If you would like to reuse the same mixture few times (as long as it has a pleasant fragrance), you can do this by refrigerating it, when it cools down. You can also prepare the mixture, place it into jars (without boiling it) and fridge it for 1 or 2 weeks. Boil and shimmer it when it comes a need to use it.
  • You can also freeze it for a longer time, however, use jars that are freeze-safe ones.

DIY natural home scent