DIY Concrete Candles/Flower Pots

DIY Concrete Candles/Flower Pots

I have seen these cool concrete light holders/flower pots at the store and was surprised how pricey they are. However, these concrete candles are very easy to make and most of important – only two things are mainly used to make them – concrete and silicone mold.

Moreover, I know how could be annoying to spend the money on buying things/tools to make one diy project and having all these tools in the house for no purpose. DIY Concrete Candles is not that case. So keep reading. 😊

After buying concrete or cement, it might not end by using it only once to decorate your home, See here for one more diy concrete project or wait for more to come. 😊

Silicone mold can also be used many more times then decorating your home. I am sure that you have friends and family that would be pleased by these candles. Thus, it could be a perfect and unique gift. Moreover, paint them in different colors and shapes to make them even more personalized.



Silicone mold

Directions for making the candles:

Step 1. Mix the concrete following the directions on the package and fill with it each silicone mold.

Step 2. Pick up the mold and set it down again a couple times to make sure the concrete has reached every corner and to reduce the amount of bubbles.

Step 3. Wait for the concrete to fully set, following the directions on the package.

Step 4. When it is fully set, take candles out of the silicone mold.

Directions for painting candles:

Step 1. Place a tape on the candles in the way you want them to look.

Step 2. Take acrylic paints and color it.

Step 3. When it is dry, take a tape off the candles.