5 reasons cooking with kids

5 reasons cooking with kids

When my kid was very very young, I used to take him with me to the kitchen and offered him to do simple things such as stirring or placing the ingredients in a bawl. Even using a flour, rice and a variety of texture food to play him with while I was making a food. As he grows up, he becomes more involved in the whole process of cooking. He decides what we should cook and what ingredients should we use and does much more things in the kitchen. Of course, cooking with kids requires more patience, time for preparation and for clean up. However I am continue this tradition because of the benefits that cooking with kids provides. It is worth it 🙂

Cooking with kids provides with:

  • self-confidence

If kids trying a new thing receive a positive feedback or outcome, it increases their self-confidence. Thus, positive cooking experience boost kids’ confidence and responsibility. Who knows, maybe they will use this confidence to professional development of their interest in cooking as they grow up.

  • likeliness to eat what they make

This is a super common for those parents having a picky eaters at home. Since cooking provides with a sense of pride, so kids become more willing to eat what they assist or prepare to make. Homemade pizza is a good example of it.

  • development of their healthy eating habits

Kids who cook more, appreciate home made meals more, as they self experience how to make food from the scratch. They are more willing to taste healthy ingredients they have never tried before. It is also the right place and time to be heard and explain the importance of good nutrition.

  • quality family time

In these dynamic times parents, as well as kids, become so busy with their daily duties and responsibilities. Thus, it comes to be a difficult task to spend a quality time together. Kitchen offers an opportunity to find the time and communicate with your kids without any technological interference.

  • development of math, motors and reading skills

Cooking learns kids about the importance of careful and accurate measuring, develops motor skills such as cutting and stirring. If your kids currently learns how to read, so it is a great way to practice it.

Therefore, cooking with kids makes the whole family more happier and kids more adventurous.

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