10 Christmas Finger Food Ideas in under 30 Minutes

10 Christmas Finger Food Ideas in under 30 Minutes

Christmas is coming and with it comes family get together and parties. However, you don’t have to spend your time in the kitchen preparing and cooking, contrary, you should enjoy the party with your friends and family. Therefore, finger food might be a real saver on this busy season.

I have made my top 10 Christmas Finger Food Ideas in under 30 minutes following these criteria: easy, quick and simple to make, requires few ingredients and looks impressive. Hopefully you could find some of the recipes to be become your party favorites.

1. Prosciutto or Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

CCChristmas Finger Food Ideas

It’s great snack for a Christmas party. Very delicious and super easy and quickly to make. Pre-wrap the asparagus in 15 minutes, store it in the fridge and pop them in the oven just before guests arrive .

You can use either Prosciutto or Bacon. In addition, Prosciutto is less fatty and has more flavor, however, usually pricier than bacon.

Get the recipe at eatdrinkpaleo (with Prosciutto) or at wholesomeyum (with bacon).

2. Cabbage and bacon puff pastries

puff pastries

Just few ingredients and you have a perfect finger snack that everyone would love. Moreover, the filling can be easily adopted to anyone’s taste depending on the resources you have in a fridge or your imagination.

Get the recipe at momindenmark.

3. Tortilla Roll Ups

Christmas Finger Food Ideas

The easiest one that requires just few ingredients are creamy Ham and Cheese Roll-Ups – perfect bite sized snacks.

Christmas Finger food

Vegetarian version – Vegetable Tortilla Roll Ups with cream cheese filling spread on tortillas, topped with veggies and cheese.

Christmas Finger Food Ideas

If you are willing to spend a little bit more time preparing more flavor filling than you should try Turkey Club Tortilla Roll-Ups.

My absolutely favorite tortilla roll up is with Philadelphia cheese, smoked salmon and dried dills.

Get the recipe at thecookierookie (Ham and cheese) culinaryhill (vegetable) or bettycrocker (turkey).

4. Savory Bacon Pineapple Bites

Christmas Finger Food Ideas

These little goodies are easy to put together. Salty smoked bacon with a nice ananias sweetness is a hit of every Christmas party.

Get the recipe at smalltownwoman.

5. Christmas Tree Puff Pastry

Christmas tree puff pastry

Prepare this very festive desert for a Christmas party in less than 15 minutes. It looks and taste amazing.

Get the recipe at momindenmark. 

6. Pepperoni Pizza Puffs

Christmas Finger Food Ideas

One more puff pastry finger food. Especially kids would love these cheesy snacks.

Get the recipe at realhousemoms.

7. Crostini

Christmas Finger Food Ideas

Crostini look beautiful and elegant. These can be truly topped with anything you fancy, however, if you one of them who doesn’t know how or doesm’t like to experiment, than thehungrybelgian could guide you with many different options.

Christmas Finger Food Ideas

If you are a Ricotta lover, you might want to try Ricotta Crostini to show off both your savory and sweet creations.

Get the recipe at thehungrybelgian or honestlyyum.

8. Butter Cookies

simple butter cookies

Butter cookies are so simple to make and contain just few ingredients. They are perfect for those who loves to experiment with the topping as well, as there are so many options to decorate them with.

Get the recipe at momindenmark.

9. Crispy Cheese Twist

Christmas Finger Food Ideas

Crispy and buttery cheese straws. One more huge hit of a Christmas party.

Get the recipe at bonappetit. 

10. Grazing Plate

Grazing plate

Create a real piece of art with a food in vibrant colors, textures and flavors.

Get the recipe at momindenmark.