What to do when kids get bored?

What to do when kids get bored?

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The answer lies in the title of this post  – let kids to to be bored. An idea of letting kids to be bored during the holidays came up one week before our son’s autumn holidays. I started to search for the info about different activities to do during holidays. In addition, I thought that it is my must responsibility to keep him occupied with a variety of activities so he is not bored and enjoying the free time. Moreover, I always have been a little bit crazy about scheduling and organizing his time, because I thought it is the best for him.

Then I found one danish article (tv2ostjylland.dk) that has changed all of my thinking. It was claimed that it is a must to let our kids to be bored  because  boredom is important for kids development. After more research and “googling” I understood that we, parents, over scheduling kids’ life, not leaving a time for them just to be and rely on themselves for entertainment. So the first step to a change was to let my kid to spend 2-3 days of the whole week to do nothing.

Our son has been really good at this, however, I know some kids that find it difficult to entertain themselves. If this is your case, and your kid tend to complain about that, than you need to be more patient and wait, because your kid will finally find what to do on his own.

These are the main reasons why and how kids benefit from being bored that I found very reasonable to make a change.

Boredom makes kids more independent and creative

In these situation when kids do not have what to do, they begin to think about variety of their own activities to spend their time on. Thus, being independent to make a decision on what to do.

When kids or people in general are bored they also tend to be more creative, because boredom foster creative thoughts.  Imagination is an ability that is been developed during this process of thinking. It is fundamental for their future – adults’ – dynamic world.

Boredom fosters problem solving

Boredom force them to problem solving, because they have to make decisions not only on how to use their time, however, how to solve a variety of problems/situations arising before and during their own invented activities. It is essential, as most of the kids become angry about the tings that they cannot solve. Boredom is a way to learn kids being in control of the situation and to handle things themselves in their own, but not parents’ way.

Boredom motivates try new tings

When kids try new activities of their own and especially when they successfully solve problems arising during these activities, it motivates them to try even more new things. It is essential when they grow up, as we could not entertain them anymore, thus, they should learn to do that by themselves.

Boredom fosters self-confidence

Boredom also assists to find out kids’ interests. Having a time to do nothing helps kids to find out the activities that they truly enjoy and like to do. These activities might become the fields of their interests now and in the future. Moreover, when we are doing the things that provides us with joy and satisfaction, we become more confidence. The same happens with kids.

Boredom is healthy for parents too

Parents’ mental being is reflected on their kids. If parents are constantly stressed it definitely affects kids too, as kids mirror parents. Thus, if parents are not happy, kids are not either. Parents spending more time for themselves not only shows and forces kids to do the same, but also makes parents’ and kids’ relationship healthier and them happier.

Although I have shared my experience about the idea and benefits of letting my kid being bored during holidays, however, I believe that this should be not only a holiday thing, it should be a part of our daily life. 

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