Advent calendar filler ideas for kids

Advent calendar filler ideas for kids

Advent calendars are a fun way for kids to countdown to Christmas. In addition, making and filling the calendar can be a very creative process. However, it could be a difficult task for adults to think up, especially if you do not have enough of time. Therefore, you might find this post useful and do not stuck with the filling ideas for your kid’s advent calendar.

It is a second year in a row when I am planing to make an advent calendar to my toddler kid. Last year I did one from the toilet roils, however, this year I decided to skip this step, as I found one on a sale in shop.

Advent calendar filler ideas

When and How I pick the gifts?

I know, I am a little bit crazy in organizing the things 😀 I typically start to pick the gifts up for the calendar very early, already in September, because the whole picking process is really a long one (at least for me 😀 ). 24 gifts for 24 days is not a joke 🙂 In addition, the hardest task is to find the gifts that meets the budget and my son’s taste, which takes some time. Moreover, I pick gifts from a variety of places most on the internet), that also takes time for them to arrive.

The only discussion that I have with myself every year, if my kid will not get spoiled with the gifts from advent calendar and as a result, he stops appreciate Christmas gifts. Thus, as much as I want to give all the best gift to my kid, however, I should always remind myself that these should not be too big and too expensive. Every year it becomes harder and harder task to do. Despite that, two things that I am certain about is to find the balance between the things/gifts that my kid likes and is passionate about and that most of these things would educate him and/or occupy him (and us helping him) for some time of that day.

Dominant gifts on a list

Since my kid is a real fan of the led lights and lego, most of the gifts are the led lights based things and small lego figures or small lego parts that he likes or misses most in his lego collection.

In the next paragraphs I share my list of the gifts and prices in dollars aside, since most of them I bought on or The total budget is 73,88$ (485, 89 dkk or 65,12 euros). Honestly speaking,  I expected it to be less.

A list of the gifts for advent calendar

  1. Lego classic 5,34$
  2. Lego city 5,34$
  3. Led light balloon 3,68$
  4. Wooden handicraft electric car model 2,92$
  5. Wind car model kit 2,48$
  6. Led mini Christmas tree 0,9$
  7. Mini lego plane 0,99$
  8. Pirate lego 0,99$
  9. Undersea lego 4,99$
  10. Correction tape sticker 1,56$
  11. Water bubble gun 1,26$
  12. Mini lego action figure 2,24$
  13. Led lights, chupa chups with melody and kinder biscuit 3,6$
  14. Play-doh 7,5$
  15. Mcqween stickers, kinder biscuit, paw patrol juice 2,13$
  16. Scented markers 1,82$
  17. Chupa chups with melody, kinder biscuit, shaped cut scissors 2,13$
  18. Paw patrol juice, stencil rulers 2,13$
  19. Christmas tree with chocolate 2,13$
  20. Lego Ninja watch 3,44$
  21. Puzzle from a wood 4,88$
  22. Iron man lego 2,97$
  23. Mini lego flowers 2,6$ and lego plants 3,94$
  24. Blue lego parts 6,41$ and stickers 1,92$

Advent calendar filler ideas  Advent calendar filler ideas

Advent calendar filler ideas

I do hope that you will find this post useful and will get inspired with new ideas to fill your kid’s advent calendar.

Moreover, you are more than welcome to share your experience and thoughts down below 🙂