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mommy blog


I am a mom, a wife & a lifestyle blogger. 





Mom in Denmark is a blog to connect with other parents, to share our real life stories, inspire with crafts, along with travelling and food ideas. 

I am a pregnant mom of a 5 years boy and a wife. Pregnancy and more time spent at home has provided me an opportunity to start what I really enjoy doing and are passionate about – sharing my experiences.

The experiences that we share differs because it is influenced by two cultures and their values. We are Lithuanians that lives in Denmark for more than 9 years. Danish culture has definitely affected our parenting skills, values, habits and needs. It is, one or other way, reflected in every of the posts.

mommy blog

In my posts I do not claim that I know all about how to rise the kids or cook, however, I do believe that any real life experience itself provides with lessons. I hope, these lessons encourage other parents in parenting, creativity and travelling.